2022 Sunday Sermons

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2022-05-22 Minister Joshua Pan   Watch
2022-05-15 Pastor Gerald Ashby   Watch
2022-05-08 Minister Joshua Pan and Sister Christine Pan God's love is displayed through your mother's love(Exodus 1:22–2:10) Watch
2022-05-01 Minister Joshua Pan Healing (Revelations 22) Watch
2022-04-24 Minister Joshua Pan Resistance at Home (Luke 4:16-30) Watch
2022-04-17 Minister Joshua Pan Easter Sunday Watch
2022-04-10 Pastor Agnes Hoang What keeps you going? (Titus 2:11~14) Watch
2022-04-03 Minister Joshua Pan Baptism & Trinity (Luke 4:1-15) Watch
2022-03-27 Minister Joshua Pan Fully Human, Fully Divine (Luke 3:14-38) Watch
2022-03-20 Pastor Jih   Watch
2022-03-13 Pastor Daniel Adams Worlds Apart, Paving the Way (Luke 3:7-22) Watch
2022-03-06 Minister Joshua Pan Obedience to the Father, Losing to Gain (Luke 2:41-52) Watch
2022-02-27 Pastor Agnes Hoang Is God in this? (Proverb 2:1~15) Watch
2022-02-20 Pastor Gerald Ashby Matthew 28:19~20 Watch
2022-02-13 Minister Joshua Pan Witnessing the Christ (Luke 2:21-40) Watch
2022-02-06 Pastor James Jih Walking through the shadows of life (Psalm23:4-6) Watch
2022-01-30 Pastor Agnes Hoang "Out of Mud Puddle" (Proverb 2:1~15) Watch 
2022-01-23 Minister Michael Shin Luke 15:1~2, 11~24 Watch
2022-01-16 Minister Joshua Pan Elijah Story - Great Victory - Great Depression(1 King 18~19) Watch
2022-01-09 Minister Joshua Pan Ascention of Jesus - Final message(James 1:12-15) Watch
2022-01-02 Minister Joshua Pan New Year Message (James 1:2-8)